Hot Rize & Friends on eTown (Video)


Back in January, we kicked off our 40th Anniversary Bash in Boulder, CO with an intimate evening of music and conversation at eTown Hall. Joining us for this celebration were three longtime friends of ours and masters of their respective instruments: Sam Bush (mandolin), Jerry Douglas (resophonic guitar or Dobro) and Stuart Duncan (violin).

eTown's veteran video and audio crews were on hand for the full 4-night run, recording the proceedings for our upcoming Live CD & DVD. Be on the lookout this Summer as we will be teasing the release with excerpts and special merch deals. In the meantime get a little taste of what's to come with the audio and videos below, professionally produced by the eTown Team. 

In the words of our own Pete Wernick,  “It’s like ‘The Last Waltz’ except we’re not breaking up the band.”