Take It Home


Take It Home


Grammy nominee, with IBMA Song of the Year, “Colleen Malone”

Songs Include:

  1. Colleen Malone (Pete Goble & Leroy Drumm)
  2. Rocky Road Blues (Bill Monroe)
  3. A Voice On The Wind (Henry Waller, III)
  4. Bending Blades (Tim O’Brien)
  5. Gone Fishing (Pete Wernick)
  6. Think Of What You’ve Done (Carter Stanley)
  7. Climb The Ladder (Nick Forster)
  8. Money To Burn (J.D. Hutchinson)
  9. The Bravest Cowboy (Forster, O’Brien, Sawtelle, Wernick)
  10. Lamplighting Time In The Valley (Herald Goodman, Curt Poulton, Sam Hart, Joe Lyons & Dean Upoon)
  11. Where The Wild River Rolls (Bob Amos)
  12. The Old Rounder (Pete Wernick)
  13. Tenderly Calling (Home, Come On Home)(Jan Garrett)
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